Refurbished Step by Step
Step One
Getting Products

Our process starts with our sister company, ER2, which partners with big enterprises all over the country to assist in their IT asset lifecycle. Every 2-3 years, these companies need to update their technology. Instead of adding to already full landfills, our partners call us to pick up their assets and send them off to our team of certified experts.

Step Two
Cleaning and Testing
Next, the computers are deep cleaned inside and out. Our team of experts then test the functionality of each computer to ensure everything is working as it should. This includes ports, screens, battery and more! These are all components that you won’t find tested in any “used” computer. 
Step Three
Customize Products
After a computer is purchased, we custom build it to meet your needs. This includes memory and hard drive. Because we want to ensure you’re getting the best device possible, we test everything one last time before shipping it off to you. 
Step Four
Eco-Friendly Packaging

The customization doesn’t stop there! We custom build each box to perfectly fit your unique order. We do this to ensure your purchase arrives exactly how you would imagine... perfectly. We also do this to eliminate waste at every stage of the refurbishment process, including excess packaging.

We plan for the unexpected, so you don't have to...

We offer a FREE one year warranty on each computer. We understand buying refurbished can seem scary and we want to alleviate that fear and give you confidence.